Adam M. Goodman, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
 Adam M. Goodman,
 Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
Northern District of Georgia 

 Telephone:    (678) 510-1444

(678) 510-1450

 Postal Address:   
260 Peachtree St N.W.
                             Suite 200
                             Atlanta, GA 30303




Staff Directory

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Adam M. Goodman - Trustee

Jonathan Adams - Attorney

Jason Rogers - Attorney

Mandy Campbell - Attorney

Shamma Iqbal - Attorney

Julie Pantoja - Director of Operations

Ya'el Sand - Comptroller

Harold Garcia - Manager of Information Systems

Joann Davis - Claims Team Leader

Linda Martin - Case Administration Team Leader

Charlotte M. Wakefield - Case Audit and Review Team Leader

Orders Submission E-Mail Address:

*Tax Return Submission E-Mail Address:
*Please ensure all pertinent information is properly redacted from the Tax Return form. Your email may be rejected otherwise. Also please have all Tax Forms submitted AT LEAST one week prior to the scheduled 341 meeting and do not submit any through this email once the scheduled 341 has been held.








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